XRay digital

X-ray inspection, also called radiography or radiographic testing, is a very effective method of uncovering subsurface defects in materials and products. Laboratory Testing Inc. performs industrial radiography, using both digital radiography (computed radiography) and film radiography (conventional radiography) techniques. While the X-ray inspection process and imaging equipment are the same for both methods, the computed or digital process differs from conventional X-ray film by producing a digital image that can be saved to a disc, emailed to customers and easily archived. Both types of industrial radiography are performed on solid materials such as tubing, castings, weld plates, plastic injection molding, circuit boards, batteries and other manufactured products made of metal or plastic. The digital images and film created by the X-ray inspection process are reviewed and evaluated by Laboratory Testing’s certified NDT Level II and Level III technicians according to the test specifications required by our customers. Like all nondestructive testing, X-ray inspection does not harm the test piece.

The need for industrial radiography can occur during product R&D, as part of the manufacturing, fabrication or installation processes or when a product is in service. Digital radiography and conventional radiography both provide information to determine the soundness of a material or product and are valuable inspection method for a variety of purposes:

  • Detect internal discontinuities such as shrinkage, cracking and porosity
  • Verify the integrity of internal components
  • Determine the quality of welds
  • Identify the extent of corrosion
  • Uncover the source in fire investigations